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Exterior Mobile Car Detail in NJ

Exterior Packages



Shine & Protect
Spot Polish
Starting at $158


Perfect Polish

Perfect Polish
Best Protection
Starting at $218

Our Process

Mobile Car Wash: A thorough car wash is the very foundation of our exterior detailing services. We start every exterior detail with a Power wash, to knock loose any debris. This is followed by our foam wash, which helps lift dirt and debris off the surface of the vehicle without causing abrasion or scratching. The foam acts as a barrier between the wash mitt and the paint, reducing the risk of swirl marks as we scrub the vehicle down. Next we power wash away the suds and remaining dirt. Lastly, we’ll hand dry your car section by section using microfiber towels to ensure a streak-free finish. To take your car a step further, we recommend adding on our paint correction service.

Detailed Exterior Cleaning: Our detailers will make sure every inch of your car’s exterior components are deeply cleaned and detailed to perfection – including your tires, rims, wheels, wheel wells, fenders, doors, door jambs, hinges, metal trim, finish, windows, glass, and every section in between. We’ll also deep clean your headlights and taillights, but this doesn’t guarantee oxidation will be removed. If your headlights have started to turn yellow, we recommend adding headlight restoration to your exterior detail.

Tire & Trim Dressing: After dirt and grime have been removed, we’ll dress your tires, and trim, to give them a high shine finish. We use a premium-grade formula to condition and restore dull tires and trim that have faded with time. In addition to leaving your tires and trim with a rich shine, our dressing will also help prevent hardening, cracking and fading.

Wax Application: We’ll then seal in all of our exterior detail work with our signature wax. Wax will protect your vehicle’s paint and preserve its clear coat. Wax can provide protection for up to 30 days. Upgrade to ceramic infused paint sealant (synthetic wax) for protection that lasts 6+ months.

Ready to skip the hassle?

Skip the hassle and have your car professionally detailed from the comfort of your own home. Book online now!

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